Melissa DePriest, DVM


Dr. DePriest is  a 2013 graduate from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing as a beef cattle exclusive veterinarian in Eldon, Missouri since 2014. She works primarily with cow-calf clients, but also has experience with stocker and backgrounding cattle operations.



Custom Cattle Care utilizes technology to offer services such as ultrasound pregnancy examinations. 

Herd data collection and production record analysis can help develop a health and management program specific to your operation's needs. 

Sustainable Ranching


 Sustainable beef is a major focus. And by “sustainable,” not only managing the resources in a way to continuously provide for making delicious beef, but also a profitable operation that can last for generations. 

An emphasis on stockmanship and low-stress handling provides a more enjoyable experience for producers and a healthier experience for animals on days spent processing cattle.


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