Improving or continuing the SUCCESS of your operation is my ultimate goal. I recognize that most farmers and ranchers have grown up in the agriculture and cattle industries or have years of experience. I am not suggesting that I know the answer to every question on the spot. However, trust that I WILL SEEK THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION. There are several advantages of consulting with a person outside your operation. 

Advantages of an outside consultant

Fresh Eyes

Tunnel vision due to bias or working closely on a project for an extended amount of time can limit the ability to find a solution—sometimes all it takes is an outside prospective to see something differently.

Manage Relationship Dynamics of Groups or Families

An impartial third party can help facilitate dialog between family members, employees, or managers without taking sides or alienating individuals.

Free Up Time

Even when you can find solutions to your problems, it may not be the best use of your time. Owners, managers, and employees of cattle operations have plenty to accomplish daily—hiring a consultant allows them to focus on their priorities by freeing up some of their time.

Implement Change

Everyone is aware that once a routine is established, it is challenging to change it—even if you know it will improve the operation. Sometimes a solution is known, but the steps aren’t taken to overcome the problem. An outside consultant may provide the push, suggestion, or plan needed to reach your goal. 

There is no shame in discussing the bottlenecks or inefficiencies of your operation, and it does not signal inadequacy on your part. No one can achieve all their goals alone. Enlist a trusted advisor to get you where you want to go.