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Missouri Photo Workshop

 In September 2017, I took part in The Missouri Photo Workshop. I had the pleasure of meeting international photographer Brendan McInerney, who  recruited me as the subject of his photojournalism project. Click on the link below to see his work.

Published articles


Neonatal Calf Diarrhea (Scours)

Your first calf of the year just hit the ground. This is the beginning of the most exciting, labor intensive, frustrating, and rewarding part of the cow-calf operation. There are so many things happening at this critical time, but there is one thing for sure that needs a plan developed prior to calving season—minimizing calf scours. 

 (2016) Charolais Journal., 40(2),21

How length of calving season affects a health program

Long calving seasons can limit the effectiveness of vaccination and health programs. Discover how to maximize the value of these programs with strategic calving seasons. 

(2015) Charolais Journal., 39 (5),30

VFD’s, Antibiotic use, and YOU

Learn about the new regulations for using antimicrobials in the feed and water. 

 (2015) Charolais Journal., 39 (1),106

Are you OVERdeveloping heifers?

The way heifers are developed can impact their lifetime production. Is your heifer development program improving profitability or just increasing your input costs?

(2015) Charolais Journal., 38(11),48-49 

Trich: An excellent reason to improve biosecurity on your farm

 Current regulations on animal movement in your area may not fully protect your herd from this disease. Learn more about Trich and why it is important to prevent the spread of this disease.

(2014) Charolais Journal., 38 (8),40-41 

Stockmanship: How it can impact the morale of your employees, the health of your animals, and meat.

The way beef cattle are handled influences their health, as well as the food supply. Implementing a few core principles of stockmanship can also improve the well-being and job satisfaction of cattle handlers. 

(2014) Charolais Journal., 38(6),62-63 


Are You Utilizing Your Veterinarian to the Fullest?

Understand the benefits of having a veterinarian on your production management team. Your veterinarian may be able to provide more valuable services for your herd than you realize…

(2014) Charolais Journal., 38(4),153